• Taiwan (Province of China) flag
IP Address:
ISP: Ministry of Education Computer Center
Connection Speed: Company/T1
City: Taipei
Country: Taiwan (Province of China)
State: Taipei
Latitude: 25.04776
Longitude: 121.53185
Time Zone: UTC +08:00
Local Time: 28 May, 2020 03:39 PM
Proxy: No
ZIP Code: 106
Area Code: 02
IDD Code: 886
Weather Station: T'aipeihsien (TWXX0022)
Usage Type: (EDU) University/College/School
Domain Name: moe.gov.tw [WHOIS moe.gov.tw]
Mobile MNC: -
Mobile MCC: -
Mobile Brand: -
Elevation: 13 meters
ASN Number: 7539
ASN Name: TANet2, sponsored by NSC, TAIWAN

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Architecture: 32 bits
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Country: Taiwan (Province of China)
Capital: Taipei
Continent: Asia
Population: 22,894,384
Area: 35,980 km²
Currency: (TWD) Dollar
Top Level Domain: .tw